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The origin of collage is attributed to both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. Each artist utilized the method at the turn of the 20th century. However, prior to this, Italian portrait painters had pasted small pieces of chain, gilded paper, and sometimes real stones and jewels onto their canvases. more
Collage Lesson

Title: Autobiographical Photomontage

Age Group: 1st - 2nd grade
(This lesson can be done with any age group. More vocabulary and more philosophical discussions will take place at higher age groups.)

1. Recognize and discriminate among varying colors, shapes and textures in natural and man-made forms.
2. Verbalize name and descriptions of selected colors, shapes and textures.
3. Demonstrate personal expression and original concepts.
4. Incorporate expressive qualities and moods in their own artwork.
5. Use a variety of subject matter in personal expression.
6. Demonstrate beginning skills of modeling and constructing.
7. Respond by talking about art in their own words, thus expressing the results of personal observations.
8. Accept the range of special interest and abilities of their peers.

Motivation: Show slides or prints of artists like Matisse who used collage.

1. Large sheets of colored paper-- at least 11 x 17 inches.
2. Old Magazines. Ask children to ask parents for these.
3. paper glue or glue sticks (glue sticks work faster and cleaner)
4. scissors for cutting magazine pictures, tearing pictures also looks good.

Students beging by cutting or tearing out about 20 pictures that describe themselves. It can be something they like playing or a place they like to visit or a food they like to eat.

Next, students begin arranging the pieces onto a large colored sheet of paper. There are no right or wrong ways here. But encourage students to think about why certain pictures are next to others or why they are not.

After the student has arranged his/her pieces they can begin gluing them onto the large paper. If they want they can add a frame.

In small groups have students share their collages telling about the different pieces and why they choose those images. Have the others in the group think of one thing they liked about the person's collage and share it with him or her.

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autobiographical collage
Autobiographical Collage


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