Contour Drawing

Title: Contour Drawings of:
1. artist's own hand
2. object from home
3. artist's own shoe or foot
4. portrait of friend
5. self portrait

Age Group: 4th - 6th grade
(younger grades may not be as adept with hand control)

1. Practice recall of observations.
2. Understand that seeing involves perception of light, color, position and texture under varying conditions.
4. Identify qualities in visual work, including line, color, shape, intensity, value, texture, composition and contrast.
5. Accept the range of special interest and abilities of their peers.

Motivation: show slides of Picasso, Matisse, and other artists who drew contour drawings.

1. Drawing paper. 11 x 14 or larger is best.
2. Pens or pencils. No erasers for this.
3. Ask students to each bring an object from home with interesting shapes
4. Small standing mirrors for students

Procedure: Click Here for description

Evaluation: Have students discuss in groups difficulties and struggles of contour drawing. Have students discuss in groups things they did not notice before.

Self Portrait

Contour Drawing Lesson
Contour is commonly defined as the "outline of a figure or object." There is a definite distinction between "contour and outline." We think of an outline as a diagram or silhouette, flat and two dimensional. It is the sort of drawing you make when you place you hand flat on a piece of paper and trace around the fingers with a pencil... more

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