Title: Animal Morph

Age Group:

1. Recognize and discriminate among varying colors, shapes and textures in natural and man-made forms.
2. Verbalize name and descriptions of selected colors, shapes and textures.
3. Demonstrate personal expression and original concepts.
4. Incorporate expressive qualities and moods in their own artwork.
5. Use a variety of subject matter in personal expression.
6. Demonstrate beginning skills of modeling and constructing.
7. Respond by talking about art in their own words, thus expressing the results of personal observations.
8. Accept the range of special interest and abilities of their peers.

Motivation: Show slides of various styles of sculpture. Bring in several small sculptures.

Ask students to each bring:
1. A large plastic trash bag
2. A piece of card board.
3. Pictures of two animals (magazine, postcard, etc.)
4. old paint brushes or tools for scraping and carving (optional)

5. plastic bowls for water
6. Elmers glue
7. paints

Procedure: See side bar.

Evaluation: Have each student present their sculpture and explain the two animals morphed. Students may also answer questions.

Sculpture Lesson

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Tiger/Eagle Morph

Step 1. Begin with a large slab of clay.


Step 2. Begin pinching, carving out, and shaping.


Step 3. You can paint Elmer's glue over the clay and begin painting immediately. Or let clay dry for 24 hours and paint.