Color Wheel Lesson

Title: Contour Drawings of:

Age Group: 4th - 6th grade

1. Practice recall of observations.
2. Understand that seeing involves perception of light, color, position and texture under varying conditions.
4. Identify qualities in visual work, including line, color, shape, intensity, value, texture, composition and contrast.
5. Accept the range of special interest and abilities of their peers.

Motivation: show slides of Picasso, Matisse, and other artists who drew contour drawings.

1. Drawing paper. 11 x 14 or larger is best.
2. Pens or pencils. No erasers for this.
3. Ask students to each bring an object from home with interesting shapes
4. Small standing mirrors for students

Provide each student with a photocopy of a color wheel with the color written in each section. Using tempera paints of red, yellow, and blue have students mix colors to paint onto their color wheel. Use black and white for additional color schemes. See painted numbers at side.

Evaluation: Students display their work and point out the various mixes of colors. Quiz students on what colors are mixed to form certain colors.

Color Wheel

Color Wheel
Contour Drawing
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3 Primary Colors
3 Secondary Colors
1 Primary Color and
2 Secondaries
1 Secondary Color and
2 Primaries
2 Primary Colors and
2 Secondaries
1 Primary Color plus 5 tints of that same color

In the subtractive system all colors mixed together form black (or maybe just a yucky brown depending on what type of paint you use). The subtractive system is what we will deal with here.

The Primary colors are red, yellow, blue. Using these three colors all other colors can be made. more