Reader's Workshop:
Strategy 7:
Making Inferences


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Teaching Points and Mentor Texts
Making inferences about characters
Character actions --This shows that
Harry and the Terrible Whatzit - Gackenbach
Tops and Bottoms - Stevens

Making inferences about plot

George and Martha - J. Marshall
Yo! Yes? - C. Raschka
Making inferences about theme

• Look for a character that acts differently than others

• Look for a character that changes

• Look for a repeating line

• Look for a “wise one”

• Look for a bold statement by a character

Crow Boy - T. Yashima
Wings - C. Myers

Enemy Pie - L. Burton

The Summer My Father Was Ten - P Brisson

I Wish I Were a Butterfly - J. Howe
Koala Lou - M. Fox

Rainbow Fish - M. Pfister
Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon - P. Lovell

The Quiltmaker’s Gift - J. Brumbeau
Friends - H. Heine

The Inferring Song
Adapted from Reading Power by Adrienne Gear
Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Sometimes when you're reading a story
The words are not all there for you
So you’ll need to make some discoveries
The book plus your brain is the clue

Infer, Infer
Discover what's not in the book, the book
Infer, Infer
It's taking a much closer look.

Some authors leave clues in the pictures
Some authors leave clues in the lines
So watch the characters closely
What they say and do is a sign

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Children often read the words on the page very literally and fail to discover the deeper message of the text. By teaching the process of making inferences, students learn how to think deeply about the books they read.

Inga the Inferencer

Lab coat, safety goggles, flasks.

Accent: Speaks with a Swedish accent

Song: The Inferring Song

Phrase: "I use the book plus my brain to make inferences"