Reader's Workshop:
Strategy 6:


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Teaching Points and Mentor Texts
I wonder...
The Wise Woman and Her Secret
If -- S. Perry
The Bear and Mr. Bear - F. Thomas

Question Words—
who, what, where, when, why, how

Quick questions vs. deep questions

The Jupiter Stone - P. Lewis
Something Beautiful - S. Wyeth

QAR Right There, Think and Search, On My Own
Fly Away Home - E. Bunting
Fireflies - J. Brinckloe

Song: Oh...I wonder
Adapted from Reading Power by Adrienne Gear
Tune: Oh My Darling Clementine

Oh I wonder
Oh I wonder
Oh I wonder while I read
All good readers ask deep questions
And they wonder while they read

Sometimes when I ask a question
And I turn the page to look
I find the answer to my question
And it's right there in the book

But sometimes there is no answer
Even when the story's done
So I have to find the answer
To the question on my own

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Good readers take the time to wonder why events happen in the story. By teaching the process of questioning, students learn to puzzle over character's actions and story outcomes.

Quincy the Questioner

Sports jacket, tie, microphone

Accent: Speaks like a game show host

Song: Oh I Wonder

Phrase: "I wonder why. I wonder how. I wonder as I read right now."