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Strategy 3:


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Vivi the Visualizer

French beret, scarf, paint brush

Accent: Speaks with a French accent.

Song: Visualizing

Phrase: "I don’t use my eyes when I visualize. I use my brain."

Teaching Points and Mentor Texts
Visualize the action
Waiting By the Window(poem) - A. Milne
Visualizing is different for each person
Rondo In C - P. Fleischman
Visualize the setting
In a Small, Small Pond - Fleming
In the Tall, Tall Grass - Fleming
Up North at the Cabin - Chall
Visualize the characters
The Twits - R. Dahl
BFG - R. Dahl
Visualize using all your senses
The Seashore Book - C. Zolotow
Hello Ocean - P. Ryan
Caps, Hats, Socks, Mittens

Visualizing Song by Holly Coates
Adapted from Reading Power by Adrienne Gear
Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

When my teacher reads a book
Then my brain begins to look
At people, places, and events
Pictures that my mind invents
Use your senses to create
A mind movie that is great

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Many struggling readers do not notice the key details that can help them imagine what is happening in a text. By teaching the process of visualization, students will learn how to create mind movies to better understand the characters and events in a story.