Reader's Workshop:
Strategy 2:
Making Predictions


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Madame Predictor

Crystal ball, head scarf, dangly ear rings, necklace with 4 Ps

Accent: Speaks with a Jamaican accent

Song: Making Predictions

Phrase: "I make predictions to give my brain a head start."

Teaching Points and Mentor Texts
Preview -- Look at the title, the cover, and take a teeny, tiny peek inside the book.
The Araboolies of Liberty Street - S. Swope
The Three Little Wolves and Big Bad Pig - E. Trivizas
Jump Frog Jump - R. Kalan
Rosie’s Walk - P. Hutchins
Shortcut - D. Macaulay
Patterns – Pattern, pattern, pattern, twist
Icky Sticky Frog - D. Bentley
Stephanie’s Ponytail - R. Munsch
I Can’t Take You Anywhere - P. Naylor
Prior Knowledge
Somebody and the Three Blares - M. Tolhurst
Beware of the Bears - A. MacDonald

Making Predictions Song
Adapted from
Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

What will happen next?
Predicting what will be.
I think I will preview the book
Then read and I will see.
Pictures and patterns
Help me think ahead
Prior knowledge gives me clues
In books I haven’t read.

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Making predictions is the first step toward making inferences. By teaching students the process of making predictions, they activate their schema and actively think about what will happen next in the text.